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This kit contains all the items you will need to start installing MaxiPro fittings to your projects.

Specially designed in collaboration with Conex Bänninger, the Rothenberger Romax Compact press tool and jaws are the recommended tools to fit >B< MaxiPro to a professional standard.


>B< MaxiPro is a robust press system, which is quick and simple to use providing a secure and permanent joint. Compared with traditional techniques it significantly improves productivity through greatly reduced installation time and enhanced working flexibility.

This tool is also compatible with Multipipe MLCP press fittings and accessories



■ MaxiPro benefits from a 3-point press – one each side of the bead, and one press compressing the O-ring. This provides a permanent and secure joint.

■ MaxiPro system is quick, simple & easy to use.

■ Backed by experienced technical support and customer service teams.

■ Lead-in edge design aids installation and helps protect the O-ring from damage or displacement.

■ MaxiPro fittings for air-conditioning and refrigeration applications are identified with pink marks on the fitting.



■ Reliable, repeatable, permanent, tamper-proof connections every time.

■ Reduced installation time, lower overall cost.

■ Intrinsically safe – no fire hazard, dangerous materials or fumes.

■ No unintended damage as a result of heat.

■ UL certified and extensively tested.

■ MaxiPro is covered by a 5 year product Guarantee.



■ Rothenberger Romax Compact TT press tool

■ Set of MaxiPro Jaws (1/4", 3/8", 1/2", 5/8", 3/4", 7/8", 1", 1.1/8")

■ Charger & battery for Romax Compact

■ Pack of Rothenberger Rovlies

■ Rothenberger Pipe Cutter

■ Rothenberger Rapid Deburrer Tool

■ Rothenberger Internal/External Deburring Tool

■ Conex Banninger Depth Gauge & Pen

■ Secure and sturdy carry case for the tool and accessories


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